What Is The Ketogenic Diet? {Plus Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs}

Keto/Paleo Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs | Only Taste Matters

I am so excited about this week’s guest post! Louise Hendon, co-host of The Keto Summit and author of the Essential Keto Cookbook, explains to us The Ketogenic Diet, which frankly I have been incredibly curious about. In addition to being the latest diet trend, some are claiming it even helps cure cancer by starving theRead more

Paleo Bacon and Egg Cups

Paleo Bacon and Egg Cups | Only Taste Matters

One of the biggest questions I faced when switching to a Paleo diet was “What will I have for breakfast?” Gone are the days of just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal or grabbing a granola bar. The simplicity was lost or at least I thought it was. Then enter egg cups. Somewhere, somehow, someRead more

Building a Paleo Pantry: Slow Cooker Beef Bone Broth

Building a Paleo Pantry: Beef Bone Broth | Only Taste Matters

So the buzz in the Paleo community, well among all health-conscious eaters really, is collagen. Apparently, we should all be eating collagen everyday. A daily dose of collagen can improve joint health, heal leaky gut and may even help you look better (it is collagen, after all). OK that’s nice but I’m left asking: HowRead more