Paleo No-Churn Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

No Churn Paleo Strawberry Basil Ice Cream | Only Taste Matters

As I mentioned before, one of my husband’s and my favorite restaurants is a Danny Meyer establishment near our apartment. For those of you not familiar with Danny Meyer, he’s a big restauranteur (Shake Shack is his) and we are big fans. One of the commonalities among all his places, no matter the price point,Read more

Light as a Cloud Angel Food Cake with Berry Topping

Light as a Cloud #AngelFood #Cake with Berry Topping. Finally a truly airy #glutenFree angel food cake! For the #recipe, visit

“Oh I’d love someone to make a gluten-free angel food cake!” my friend squealed. “Oh and you can use it for trifle,” she added. At this point I should mention she went to college in the South where apparently trifle is common. This comes as no shock to me. I have always wondered who ate trifle. It looks so good in photos but I have never been served one. Why do I see so many recipes for a dessert no one eats (though they clearly should)? So mystery solved. It is southern. That makes sense since let’s face it, everything good seems to come from the South. Two words: Fried chicken.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Summertime. Children running through sprinklers; teenagers jumping from tire swings into lakes; grandparents quenching their thirst with a glass of sweet tea while rocking on their porch.  These are all images of a perfect summer or at least the ones I see on TV. However, I am a city girl. So this is not myRead more