Paleo Coconut Butter Cups

Paleo Coconut Cream Cups make the perfect holiday treat! | Only Taste Matters

Each year I aim to relieve some of everyone’s holiday stress by making a quick & easy recipe. One that allows you to be the hit of the party without anyone knowing you whipped this up an hour before leaving the house. I usually try to use only ingredients that can be found in yourRead more

23 Paleo Cookies

23 Paleo Cookies | Only Taste Matters

Christmas cookies are a must for the holiday season and keeping a Paleo lifestyle does not mean missing out on the fun. Here are 23 cookie recipes that allow you to enjoy the season while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Who says you can’t have it all? 4-Ingredient Gluten-free Shortbread Cookies (Low Carb, Sugar-free) from WholesomeRead more

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cashew Bisque {Paleo}

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cashew Bisque {Paleo} | Only Taste Matters

Well, winter weather has been off to a slow start this year, but this week my cold weather soup cravings have finally kicked in. Each year when the thermometer drops, I start wanting soup pretty much on a daily basis. This year my yearning for hot liquids has taken on epic proportions and I findRead more

Building a Paleo Pantry: Slow Cooker Easy Tomato Basil Sauce

Building a Paleo Pantry: Slow Cooker Easy Tomato Basil Sauce

It’s the time of year we all start craving comfort food (I’m assuming I am not alone here.) Mac & cheese, pumpkin, winter squash, you know, your orange foods, and everything Italian. I have no idea why I find Italian food so comforting when I am not Italian. Maybe just because it is so damnRead more

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies {Nut Free}

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies {Nut Free} | Only Taste Matters

So it is no wonder that as adult we are obsessed with creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The internet is flooded with recipe after recipe each one claiming to be the best. Monica on Friends kept making batch after batch because she just had to be the mother that made the best cookies. CelebrityRead more