No-Bake Maple & Brown Sugar Bars & Giveaway

No-Bake Maple & Brown Sugar Bars made with Quaker Gluten-Free Quick 1-Minute Oats

This post was sponsored by Quaker Oats, however, the opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Growing up my favorite breakfast was always Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal. I’d switch to different cereals now and then, after all, variety is the spice of life, but I’d always come back to my Maple & Brown Sugar.Read more

Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Maple Glaze

Try these Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Maple Glaze for a delicious fall #treat! #glutenfreebaking #nomnom #muffin

I moved to New York City right after college. Two weeks after to be exact. I know my parents and my boyfriend at the time were not thrilled but I had to “get out of dodge.” It wasn’t so much a desire to move to New York as it was a burning need to finally leave Philadelphia. You see I grew up there and went to college there, so as you can imagine, I was chomping at the bit to leave.

Paleo No-churn Maple Walnut Coconut Cream Ice Cream

No-churn #Maple Walnut Coconut Cream #IceCream. Make this delicious non-dairy ice cream without an ice cream maker. For the #recipe, visit

Growing up ice cream was paramount in our household. It was always in the freezer and we ate it everyday, year round. It was not merely a summer treat to us. My father’s idea of a bowl of ice cream consisted of three healthy scoops, not marbles as he referred to stingy dips. Now an ice cream parlor just opened near me claiming they have Philly-sized scoops. I don’t know what Philly-sized scoops are (they would be just scoops to us), but I’m guessing they are large since my family’s idea of a bowl of ice cream is about 5 or 6 times what a serving of gelato in Italy would be.