Naughty But So Nice Brownies

Naughty But So Nice #Brownies. #Chocolate goodness. For the full #recipe, visit #dessert #glutenfree

After college I moved to New York with my faux bro. He wanted to live in Chelsea (of course, don’t all gay New York men?) so I found us an apartment on 25th street. We lived in a two bedroom railroad apartment that required you to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom at the other end. This was a source of hilarity for pretty much every visitor but it was perfectly normal to New Yorkers.

Torta di Mandorle e Limone
{Lemon Almond Olive Oil Cake}

Torta di Mandorle e Limone {Lemon Almond Olive Oil Cake}. It tastes like biscotti! Visit for the full #recipe. #dessert #baking #glutenfree

My husband loves biscotti. Every time we see it on a menu the conversation is the same. “Ooh, biscotti!” And I reply by wrinkling my nose. For years, he has refused to accept that I simply do not want such a delicious treat. It’s absolutely impossible in his mind. And to be fair, I can understand his denial.

Yellow Layer Cake with Blood Orange Curd and Vanilla Buttercream {Creamsicle Cake}

Yellow #LayerCake with #BloodOrange Curd and Vanilla #Buttercream. Yes please! For the full #recipe, visit #dessert #glutenfree

Heavy. Heavy is the word I hear the most to describe gluten-free baked goods. Well, heavy and chewy but I’ve already addressed chewy so we are left with the problem of heavy. Now one of the ways you make a cake lighter in traditional baking is to use cake flour. It has less gluten and it’s therefore lighter. Well something with less gluten seems like it would be easy to make gluten-free right? However, there is no gluten-free cake flour on the market. So I looked online for a recipe to make my own. Nothing. Huh?

Bailey’s White Chocolate Cheesecake with Almond Brown Sugar Crust

Bailey's #WhiteChocolate #Cheesecake with Almond Brown Sugar Crust. It's made with Bailey's Irish Cream so it's perfect for #StPatricksDay. For the full #recipe, visit

There is a multitude of conflicting advice out there on how to make the “perfect” cheesecake. While everyone seems to agree you simply must bake it in a water bath, there seems to be much debate on the type of pan. Many Internet sources say to use a springform pan. However, in culinary class theyRead more

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake with Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache

Chocolate Orange #BundtCake with #Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache. Mouth watering! Visit for the full #recipe. #dessert #baking #glutenfree

My grandmother loves fruit with chocolate. You name it, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered banana, basically if you cover any fruit in chocolate, she’s happy. Every Mother’s day, birthday, and Hanukkah I always go to my local chocolate shop and get her orangettes which I have learned are French for chocolate covered orange peel. And here I thought the famous blog Orangette was a made up word like Bakerella (which I am assuming is a pun on Barbarella). Who knew?