25 Paleo Snacks for Kids {and the Kid in All of Us}

25 Paleo Snacks for Kids {and the Kid in All of Us} | Only Taste Matters

No matter how old we get, we never out grow the need for great snacks. Here are 25 Paleo-friendly snacks that you and your kids will love. Munch away! Popsicles Chocolate Avocado Pudding Pops from All Day I Dream About Food Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Popsicles from Wicked Spatula Lava Flow Ice Pops from NomRead more

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cashew Bisque {Paleo}

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cashew Bisque {Paleo} | Only Taste Matters

Well, winter weather has been off to a slow start this year, but this week my cold weather soup cravings have finally kicked in. Each year when the thermometer drops, I start wanting soup pretty much on a daily basis. This year my yearning for hot liquids has taken on epic proportions and I findRead more

Building a Paleo Pantry: Slow Cooker Beef Bone Broth

Building a Paleo Pantry: Beef Bone Broth | Only Taste Matters

So the buzz in the Paleo community, well among all health-conscious eaters really, is collagen. Apparently, we should all be eating collagen everyday. A daily dose of collagen can improve joint health, heal leaky gut and may even help you look better (it is collagen, after all). OK that’s nice but I’m left asking: HowRead more

Building a Paleo Pantry: 15 Paleo Salad Dressings

15 Paleo Salad Dressings | Only Taste Matters

Salads are a staple in the Paleo diet and they take center stage in the summertime. We are always looking for fun and innovative ways to perk up our greens so here are 15 Paleo Salad Dressings that will take your veggies from boring to bam! Asian Salad Dressing from Raising Generation Nourished Avocado GreenRead more

Paleo Arugula Peach Salad

Paleo Arugula Peach Salad | Only Taste Matters

One of my favorite things about summer is stone fruit. While everyone gets all jazzed about berries (understandably so), stone fruits do not get enough attention. Sure there’s always a peach cobbler but what about all the other great uses for stone fruits? (I’m sure you see where this is going.) What about how greatRead more